Our favourite restaurants and bars in Augsburg


Foodies beware: Here you will find a great overview of restaurants, pubs, bars and markets close to your apartment in the hotel tower.

Pic Nic / Café & Bar

Maximilianstraße 41, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 43012612

If you feel like having a cup of coffee outside the great apartment, whether in the morning, afternoon or evening, the Picnic offers a great selection of coffee at all times of the day, with soy, almond or oat milk if desired. In the evening it becomes a stylish bar and is suitable for all ages.

Bricks / Café & Bar

Maximilianstraße 49, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 40882663

In our grand mile, Maxstraße, which is very close to the hotel tower, there is a café in urban and international style. At Bricks you can enjoy a classic breakfast, but also try out new creations. Very tasty and recommendable is the Dragonfruit Bowl.

Café am Milchberg / Café

Milchberg 12, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 90793390

At Café am Milchberg you will find an extensive breakfast menu, which we can warmly recommend. Here you can not only feast but also do good things, people with disabilities work here in the company of specialists which makes it even more pleasant. Come by and strengthen yourself for the day.

II Vicolo – Café 

Annastr. 19, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 150802

Tucked away in the heart of Augsburg, the absolute insider tip if you want to drink the best espresso in town, that’s why the café is often packed. Of course you can get Latte Macchiato, Cappuccino and small snacks to nibble. Here Augsburg becomes too small Italy and is definitely worth a visit.

Ganesha Augsburg, Inder 

Prinzregentenstraße 1, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 2411257

Our absolute favourite when it comes to food, because we love Indian. Here you can really get a taste for it. Vegetables of all kinds are prepared here in a very tasty way. Here we cook really delicious Indian food and do not skimp on the ingredients. If you want to eat well and want good service, this is the place to go.

Restaurant Poseidon – Griechisch

Maximilianstr. 66, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 152966

Put on your shoes, leave the great view from your holiday apartment in Augsburg behind you for a while and head off to Poseidon. Here you will find a wide range of variously prepared meat and fish dishes from the Greek kitchen. In addition, the Poseidon spoils you with an exquisite selection of wines which are worth trying.

For the vegetarians among us: If you can’t find what you’re looking for among the meat- and fish-free starters, you may certainly find something among the cheese specialties.

Block House – Steak House

Ulrichspl. 3, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 31984330

If you are looking for high quality and several times controlled beef from Argentina and Uruguay you should visit us here. The menu is simple but the quality has priority here.

Vegetarians beware: The Block House offers a green card, which is also super delicious and absolutely recommended.

Etem Kasap & Grill – Steak meets Turkey 

Gögginger Str. 80, 86159 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 58971750

In a few minutes you will be at the Etem Butcher from your apartment. Not quite an everyday steakhouse with Turkish flair. Here meat is your vegetable – all meat lovers should not miss this. Best quality on the plates, tastiest meat with a touch of the Orient is really ingenious.

Rice Fusion – Vietnamese 

Frölichstraße 4, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 50819188

Eating like at home with mum, here they don’t offer the food adapted to the European palate, no it tastes like in Vietnam at the street corner. This creative and varied cuisine is not to be missed.

For the green ones among us: There are mega tasty vegan dishes here where you get at least as much of your taste, so you can be curious.

Ristorante Pastissima – Italiener 

Jesuitengasse 20, 86152 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 7109994

Want some pasta? Here you can get first class homemade gnocchi, mega tasty pizza and Italian wine to go with it, what more do you want. A cosy atmosphere – that’s what you get, we think the Pastissima has one of the most beautiful courtyards in the city. Cutlery out, napkins on your lap and off you go!

Ristorante da Mimmo – Italiener 

Gögginger Str. 7, 86159 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 43060342

When the stomach growls, sometimes it has to go faster from your apartment in the hotel tower just a stone’s throw away. Here you will find a weekly changing menu with unique dishes from the southern region of Italy, noble food at a really fair price.

Tafeldecker –  Bruch / Abendessen

Jakoberstraße 26, 86152 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 99879169

If you want to take a look at the Fuggerei, you can also stop by the Tafeldeckers.

Here you can have a really delicious brunch, there are Bavarian breakfast tapas which you can choose at the fresh counter or you can treat yourself to the “breakfast without limit”. Throughout the whole day there are good tapas, so you are welcome to drop by for dinner.

Ratskeller – Abendessen / Cocktailbar

Rathausplatz 2, 86150 Augsburg, Telefon: 0821 31988238

An Augsburg classic, the Ratskeller. Here in the vaulted cellar of the Augsburg City Hall you can not only enjoy hearty Bavarian dishes or hearty tarte flambée, no, you can also sip super delicious cocktails here. So let’s go!

Sonnendeck Augsburg / Cocktailbar

Ludwigstr. 28, 86152 Augsburg

Feel like sand between your toes and a refreshing cocktail or beer, then look out onto the sun deck. Chill out in the sun over the roofs of Augsburg and enjoy a drink, then go and enjoy the Flairi!

Enchilada – Restaurant / Cocktailbar

Hallstr. 4, 86150 Augsburg

Not far from the apartment you will find the also affectionately called “Enchi”. Here you will find the largest selection of cocktails and there is something for every taste. As a basis there are also some snacks or super delicious Mexican dishes, sounds fantastico!

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